(PER Number RB104240) 
Note: Please Do Not fill in our enquiry form unless you are interested in one of our current puppies!



For Sale – We have some gorgeous

Black Tri Puppies ready to go to their home on
16th June, 2023. Please fill in the enquiry form below or contact me if you already have completed the form this year. 
Buyers Please Note!
Only complete the Enquiry Form or Contact us when you are ready to purchase a puppy, we do not keep waiting lists and cannot get back to you when we have litters. Pups will be advertised here when they are available. 
Buyers Beware of Scams – there are many puppy selling scams at the moment   
*Please feel free to check with me if you are unsure*
*Please do not pay deposits on puppies*
Only 1-2 pups in each litter is a show puppy the rest of the pups are sold as well bred pets bred by the best of the best show breeders
Pups will be advertised here when they are available – see our puppy selling process further down on this page
We recommend only buying from “Approved Breeders” these are listed on our Club Webpage at www.australianshepherd.org.au
Make sure the Breeder you buy from:
1. Offers a Health Guarantee
2. DNA tests the Sire and Dam for:
* Collie Eye Anomaly  *Hereditary Cataracts and  *MDR1
3. Eye Tests the Litter at 6-8 weeks of age with a Registered Ophthalmologist
4. Eye tests the Sire & Dam within 12 months of the pups birth
5. Hip Scores both Sire and Dam 
6. Supplies a copy of all Health details
7. Verifies the NBT status on the pups Pedigree Paper
Our Process:
* We will advertise the puppies here at 3-4 weeks of age
* We DO NOT keep a waiting list or register expressions of interest until a litter is actually born unless you are wanting a show or performance puppy
* Please contact us once the pups are advertised
* We organise puppy visits when the pups are 6-7 weeks of age, no decisions are made until this time.
* Only 1-2 pups in each litter is a show puppy the rest of the pups are sold as well bred pets
Our pups from excellent lines with Supreme Champions, Grand Champions, Champions, Obedience, Agility, Herding and Flyball titled dogs. They are all raised in a home environment with plenty of handling and socializing and are fed on Advance Dog Food. All pups sold will be Microchipped, Vaccinated, Eye Tested and VCA Registered. 

We only breed from sound temperaments and complete all health testing that is available.  Ellagant Kennels breeds for quality not quantity.
      We usually do not know what pups are available until the age of 8 weeks due to health testing.  Please understand we choose the appropriate puppy for the appropriate homes.

Pups sold as pets will be ANKC Limit Registered and you will be required to sign a contract stating that the pup will be de-sexed and proof must be supplied.

Dogs Victoria Member No: 3001610810